A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Suzanne's affinity for water and childhood passion for photography spawned her Underwater Fine Art Series. Although self-taught, Suzanne’s work drew the attention of renowned portrait photographer Willie L. Hill, who mentored her in the art and became her teacher, friend, critic, and remains steadfast supporter.
Suzanne’s first foray into the depth and serenity of the underwater world is showcased in Suzanne's elegant, ethereal, Tiny Dancer Underwater Art Series. 

       The grace and fluidity of movement, the soothing quiet, and calm beneath the surface, along with the weightless suspension as my subject floated to the surface, left me transformed. I witnessed the perfect communion between a dancer's heart and the inspirational wisdom of water: Water takes the form in which it is held and moves in the path of least resistance.

      In August of 2015, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines commissioned two of Suzanne's Underwater Fine Art pieces for their newest Oasis Class ship, Harmony of the Seas. The pieces are a permanent part of the on board International Art Collection, seen in over 250 ports of call worldwide.
       An underwater session can last for hours and are followed by more hours spent in careful editing. Only the perfect image will do. Suzanne lets her imagination follow the energy in the work and embellishes the image with various additional artwork to create and enhance.
     To date, Suzanne's underwater art is featured in four galleries (Florida, Texas, South Carolina, and Ohio), has graced 42 juried exhibitions, thirteen separate publications, and garnered a Director’s Choice Award (New York), Photographer of the Year, and People's Choice Award (Art Comes Alive-Cincinnati Ohio) and second place in the Island City Juried Exhibition (Fort Lauderdale).
    Water is vital to life as we know it. It supports us in the womb, energizes, purifies, and cleanses. Water symbolizes purity, clarity, growth, illumination, and transformation. Our bodies average 70% water and our blue planet slightly more. The feeling of enhanced well being around water is universal to all. This effect, known as blue mind, reduces stress and anxiety. I want to ignite the blue mind and by nudging the human relationship with water. I nudge this symbiotic relationship forward one splash at a time. 
      Suzanne’s newest creative venture, Mythical Maidens, is an attempt to honor the Old Masters, under the surface. I want to join them to the modern world through multimedia backgrounds with alcohol inks and acrylics created on canvas.
     Suzanne envisions her artwork as an integral part in healing centers and used for charitable causes, such as bringing fresh drinking water to areas in need and advancing awareness to the importance of protecting this vital, life giving resource.
      It's not about the beauty, but the message behind the beauty: I celebrate its beauty as a gentle reminder to all, that we are the caretakers of this precious life force.
      I hope my art brings joy to your senses and leaves you transformed as well!
     I share my time and talents with many charities. The fight against cancer, along with children, animal and family charities are near and dear to my heart.


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Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions about any of my art or if you are interested in working together. I look forward to hearing from you!

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